For now, we are only a blog, posting articles related to the wonderful world of visual arts. From painting to graphic design without forgetting photography, a lot of subjects will be covered. You will be able to find interviews of upcoming artists, tutorials, technical stuff (but not too much, don’t worry) and a lot of beautiful art pieces. As stated previously, this is what the site is about for now, but what will it become ?

We are currently working to develop a website in which visual artists can receive feedback on their work. The feedback will be provided by the R4TE community and its goal is to help everyone to improve and to get an idea of one’s strenghts and weaknesses. Put very simply, the main idea of this website emerged from the realization that many artists and art lovers are tired of instagram. We believe that instagram is only good at offering you a very quantitative feedback, where R4TE.COM will offer a qualitative one. This means that here, your pictures won’t get liked, but they will receive precise feedback about different criteria that are believed to be necessary for a visual art piece to be good.

We would be glad to have you as a part of our community. You can already follow our instagram page or subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of the advance made in the development of our website.

For any inquiries, you can send us an email: contact@r4te.com